awaiting the guests

My parents will be in California in less than 24 hours! :)  Today we had so much fun hanging out and soaking up the fact that I will now have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off!!! :) Don't get me wrong... I LOVE Mickey Mouse and I'm becoming quite the Ice Cream snob and only eat Haagen Dazs... but I really enjoy getting a "weekend" in my work week! :)  Thank you God for inventing the 7th day (and Americans for the 6th day)!!!!!

We went to Urban Outfitters because they are having fantastic sales right now and a little birdie blessed me with some fantastic fun money (thank you thank you thank you thank you)-- so we headed to their home section... found this gem:

And how could you not love this little bird???

If shopping sales were a sport, I'd be a gold medalist!!!!!!!  (my total was less than $30... oh yeah)

Check out this super cute trivet I found yesterday-- my candles would melt every time I turned the oven on-- this is the perfect solution! :)

We ended our adventure at Target-- where we are SET for my parents to come and eat us out of house and home!!!! :)  GET EXCITED FOLKS!!!!

I also finished our bar stools today--  We bought these at Target for $19.99, put a crackling paint on them and then finished it off with a glossy sealer... they turned out GREAT!  And we didn't have to spend a million dollars on bar stools-- seriously people... why are bar stools so expensive?

What a GREAT day!  And it's not even over!!!

happy sunday to me,

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