a visit with pops and gogo

It's on purpose that I haven't blogged about our time spent with pops and gogo.  I think I'm finally out of the grieving stage and now am able to come to grips with reality and talk about our experience--  I HATE that they aren't here anymore and our time was so short-- but we had the absolute BEST time with them! :) I'm so so so thankful that they made the trip out here and so so so thankful for their wonderful friendship! :)

We picked GoGo up from the airport on Monday afternoon.  We ate at Rubio's and took her to pinkberry.  We went to REI where her and Brady bought the funniest shoes!  I'll post a picture of those when I find them... hysterical!  Then we walked around Downtown Disney for a bit.

We found one of these little guys and SuperBrady came out of hiding:

I must have admit, lego land was more of a hit with the Braner clan, but GoGo really liked this Indiana Jones.  P.S. We saw a set of legos for $400.00 in there... seriously?  Thankful that Anabelle plays with tennis balls and not Star Wars legos!!

We ended this night watching Duke and Butler play--  Brady's always been a fan of Duke, so it was fun to watch them WIN! :)  And I love Coach K.  He's so cool! :)

The next day we took GoGo to my new favorite restaurant here-  Souplantation!  It's so delish.  We also went to a book store where GoGo spoiled us and bought me a couple books on the history of Disneyland and Brady a book for his bible study! :)  

We then went and watched the new Nicholas Sparks movie, Last Song.  I haven't read the book yet (let's be honest... I only read in Cabo)
The first half was a little lacking, but in the end the movie turned out to be okay!  AND I still really like Miley! :)

We then met our dear friends Kenny and Megan for dinner at BJ's and had so much fun introducing them to GoGo! :)  

Pop's flight arrived that night we came home and went to bed early because we went to Disney the next day!!

We woke up Wednesday morning and headed to Company D, a place where Disney's overstock goes for 50% off!  I'm surprised there was anything left in that place... I think they have Christmas presents for the Grandkids for the next 5 years!!  It was so so so much fun! :) 

This picture is so great at capturing the madness that was GoGo and me shopping for bargains:

We then headed to Disneyland and California Adventure!  It was the best day EVER!!!!!  I hadn't gone to the parks to play in a while so it was so so needed! :) 

Riding California screamin:

Getting excited for the ariel show:

Taking people to see It's Tough To Be A Bug is one of my favorite things to do at Disney! :) 

We ended the night riding Toy Story Mania THREE times!  My arm was HURTING after!!!  Brady finally beat me on the first round!

I'll try to refrain from telling you that I got 161,800 on the next game.  

We woke up early the next morning and Brady took them to the airport while I got ready for work.  I would be lying if I didn't tell you that I cried in the shower.

YAY for a FANTASTIC few days with our dear friends!!!!!!  We were so blessed by their visit!!!!  

Thanks for coming to visit us even though we don't have Grandkids!!!!!!!!!

my heart is still hurting,

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