DIM artsy fartsy project

i Did It Myself ART PROJECT!!!!!

I found this at a fun blog that I'm sure Brady is mere moments from blocking on my computer.  It's tons of fun DIY projects that are extremely affordable! :)  I've been looking for a great piece of art for our bedroom and I found this and did it myself!!! :)

Buy frames-- these are from IKEA (seriously, would I shop anywhere else) for only $14.99 :)

Take out the cardboard in the back of your frame... this will be your canvas

Pick out an awesome cool color to be your background :)  I used a sponge brush so I could minimize brush strokes.

Paint your first coat...

The cardboard SOAKS up paint, so I did a second coat pretty soon after!

Let dry overnight... then pencil in how big you want your scribbles to be-- I did four big scribbles on mine.

START SCRIBBLING!  I used MEDIUM Painters paint pens from Michaels.

Let the paint pen dry and then erase your pencil marks!

Frame and make sure moo approves!

Hang and VOILA!  You're an artist!!!!

for under $50 :)

museum bound,

PS- We're going to a movie screening tonight.  The police will probably come find me if I tell you the name of it... so you'll have to take my word on it.  I'll blog once we get home and let you know how it goes! :)


  1. Jennafer, that's awesome!!! Way to go!

  2. Bull that you did those. Oh my goodness. You are AMAZING!!! Seriously amazing! I am so fortunate to be related to you!