Four years ago today Brady and I met!!!!  :)

Four years ago today I was chaperoning some of the cutest girls on a church youth group trip, and while making my nightly "rounds" I was FREAKING out because I was going to ride a roller coaster with BRADY WHITE the next day!!! :)

Four years ago today my Aunt Sara lied and told Brady I was almost 21... haha

Four years ago today I called my little cousin Emily to tell her about how I had just shook Brady's hand!

Four years ago today I requested Picture of a Wedding to be sung at my wedding!

Four years ago today Sara sung me to sleep with "going to the chapel" :)

WHAT A FUN FUN DAY!!! :)  I am so thankful the Lord COMPLETELY blew me away with the man He created for me to spend the rest of my life with! :)  I love how we met, I love how we fell in love and I continue to fall more in love with him everyday!! :)

Here's us getting ready to ride the ride together! :)


in love,

PS- here's a cutie pie picture Jamie sent me of their visit here... I was only able to see them for a few moments but LOVED getting to hug all these little people!!!!  Oh nieces and nephews I hope you know how loved you are by us, even though we're far away!!!!!!!  :)

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