happy easter

The Easter bunny came!  We had the BEST Easter this year!  God is so very good! :)

We started our week out receiving Brady's VERY favorite Easter tradition from GoGo and Pop's--  Easter fudge eggs from the fudge shoppe in Branson! :)  YUMMY!

The excitement is overwhelming:


Then an Easter bunny came on Saturday night while I was at work-- sneaky sneaky.  I walked in to a house full of these tickets:

On the back was something I could redeem them for-- but first I had to "earn" them by answering Bible trivia questions (a tradition at Brady's house growing up)-- I studied for a while and only lost three tickets! :) yay!

My husband is so awesome! :)  I love how cute and thoughtful he is!! :)  

Then the Easter bunny came last night and Brady woke up with this on the side of his bed:

Our house was then transformed into an easter egg hunt!  The eggs were filled with the Bunny's tips from scooping ice cream and puzzle pieces.  Once he put the puzzle together he learned his options on what to spend the money on and that the Easter bunny couldn't benefit from anything he purchased!  haha

moo's favorite thing about Easter is playing with the empty Easter eggs-- seriously she carries them everywhere!  She loves it!

Trying to talk the dad into giving her some candy:

We are so excited around here because tomorrow GoGo arrives!  We can not WAIT to spend time with GoGo and Pops! :)  We have their whole adventure planned-- remember our really awful fireplace?  well now it's a huge choose your own adventure board with magnets for them to pick what they want to do while they are here!!

I think I'm going to keep it up year round--  it is so much better looking like this!!! :) 

Hope y'all had an extremely happy easter-- celebrated that JESUS IS RISEN!!!!  and ate a ton of candy! :)  

humbled at how awesome Jesus is,


  1. You all are too creative! I can't wait to see what you all do when you have kids. I need to steal some of these ideas. I love keeping up with you guys on here and seeing how you all are doing. God is doing good things:)

  2. You are so creative! How did you ever come up with that idea for a choose your own adventure when your in-laws are in town!??! I absolutely LOVED those books when I was in grade school! :)