My cute friend Jane just blogged "#6"... it's where you look back over your posts and post the 6th picture you posted on your blog.

Luckily mine happens to be of these two little cuties:

This photo was taken at the grand 'ol Kinney family reunion of my cousin and bestest buddy, Katie and her son, Chael :)  

I pray someday we will live next door to each other!  My life needs more of Katie in it!!!  :)  Someone who has always been there for me and can make my stomach hurt from laughter!!!  It's no secret that any part of me that is remotely cool is only because I'm mimicking her!!!

love silly internet fads,


  1. i think i was supposed to "tag" people after i did that. if i had done it i would have tagged you. i'm glad you subconsciously knew that and did this post. miss you!

  2. My #6 is a picture of Lionel...so I don't think I'm going to repost that one...I'll just pray for him instead today.

  3. I feel so special! And so does Chael! Love you Cousin!
    P.S. Awesome news about the special people at Disneyland- I'll be praying for you!!!