date day

Today was awesome because I'm married to my very bestest buddy.  We slept in (always what the best of days start with), finished shipping our ebay stuff (we scored on ebay this week!  Thank you, Lord!!!), and headed to Disney! :)

We rode the matterhorn--  so fun.

Played at Innovations:  this is an electronic table that you can play chess on!! :)

Explored Tarzan's treehouse:

Look who we found while we were visiting Turk!

Joined a great skipper on board the Jungle Cruise:

Found out we could watch movies for only $7 here!  (much better than the $13 tickets usually cost...  holy cow california!!!!)  So we went to watch Date Night with some of our friends from Life Group! :)

Then we made Trader Joe's yummy pumpkin pancakes-- PS Brady makes the best pancakes... if only iHop knew of his talents... 

We ended the evening with me really beating Brady at Monopoly and watching West Wing!

happy sunday to me,

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