qhs light show

We were so thankful to be in Quincy the same time Haley and Emily performed the Annual Christmas Light show…

All the lights go dark in the QHS stadium and the Q-City Pommers come out with twinkly colored flashlights and make shapes on the gym floor… it's so fun to watch!  We could totally tell Haley and Emily's twinkly lights from the rest… they were by far the best ones!

beautiful emily!

 haley was the featured senior that night!!!  GO HALES!!!
 their fan club was by far the biggest and happiest of the bunch!
 we made them a big sign so everyone knew what devoted cousins we were
 the two greatest people on the planet, and me!!  I love you brother and sister!!!
 Could not be more proud of them!!!!!
 we recorded it on our iPhone so Grandma could watch when we all got home-- she LOVED it!
uncle brady is the coolest!

being a big cousin is one of the greatest things ever,

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