hey there midwest with your blanket of white

So, as most of you probably know, almost all of our family members live in the midwest (with a highly concentrated area being Missouri/Illinois…).  WELL, as most of you probably already know (again) there has been snow… and by "snow" I probably should say, "SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!

So, we've been getting a few pictures from our loved ones to catch a glimpse at what's keeping them all inside and toasty warm under their snuggies.  Hope you enjoy this tour through the United States and this crazy snow storm!

1st off-- Cousin Kristen in Quincy, Illinois:
She exclaimed, "My feet aren't even touching the ground in this picture!"

2nd-- Tim and Karen (or as they are known around my house "mom and dad") in Camdenton, MO:
A view out their back door:
front door:
He says, "plenty of snow here!  I'm not shoveling it until it stops!"

3rd: My sister and co. in Columbia, MO:
Back door:
front door:
Seestor says: "pretty soon, they won't know our house is for sale!"

4th: Jennafer White in Orlando, Fl:
 View from her car yesterday afternoon:

it's warm AND we have pixie dust,

PS- plan a visit to cure your frostbite!

(I do not claim to own any of the above pictures… they were used without the owner's consent)

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  1. Negative 14 on the way to school the other day (we don't cancel school for cold and meters of snow). . .Hays has the pic on his phone. . . I should post it!