valentine's day

Valentine's day was great this year!  I woke up to my favorite chocolate candy yummies, a freezer full of my favorite girl scout cookies and the most perfect card on the planet:
my husband is the knees to all the bees in the land.

Headed off to work where I saw Princess Aurora receive so many wonderful Valentine's day hugs and lovies… 

then came home to a house full of people ready to celebrate the day of love.  Cute little Brady went out and got little presents so we could do a Valentine's day gift exchange and everyone went home with a smile, a belly full of pink sweets and some type of fun gift from the target dollar spot.
my husband has yet to put my face back on from rocking it so much.

2011 V-Day… you were a complete success…


PS- Even Anabelle got in the spirit of the annual lovers day… :)

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  1. ummm, and your brother-in-law came to town! Cherry on top! :)