toontown goodbye

On February 11th, we said goodbye to toontown and had one last big party outside all of our favorite classic character's homes!

Before the big party we went into adventureland and got my favorite ice cream- PINEAPPLE DOLE WHIPS!  The most yummy soft serve on the planet!

This is in the greatest circus tent on the planet where you can choose to either meet your favorite disney princesses or disney fairies!

 Welcome to Mickey's Toontown Fair!!!!!
 my favorite disney firework above toontown for the last time...
 mickey and friends
 it's okay guys, I'm allowed to kiss my boss.
 Linds and I outside Mickey's house!
 the new fantasyland!  SO EXCITING!!!
 Phil Holmes came by to say thank you!
 Then they played M-I-C-K-E-Y as we waved goodbye to the gang as they left toontown by train for the very last time...
It was such a magical memory… so thankful I get to be a part of a place that's always moving towards something new!

toontown fair 1988-2011,


  1. Jennafer, I enjoy reading all of your Disney posts. I LOVE Disney and it's always so exciting to read. Just curious, because I think I know, are you Aurora?! That's so awesome! lol What do you do at Disney and how did you get that job?! LUCKY!

  2. I get to kiss my boss, too! We're both so lucky! 12 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!