disney quest

Part of the "holiday package" a disney cast member receives is a free admission pass to DISNEY QUEST!  Brady had never been so it was so fun to get to experience with him!  It's a big cube building filled with interactive games and fun adventures!  We had a blast!

this is a giant pinball machine that you are actually the pin ball!
 brady playing starwars!
 this was JENNAFER's score on a basketball game… the high score was 250, mine was 218-- that's pretty stinkin' close folks!
 Brady entering the cave of wonders
 aye aye!!!  Aboard a pirate ship getting attacked by crazy pirate boats and large dragons
 we built our own rollercoaster and road it… we felt sick after...
 we took an animation class!
 my donald was too big for the page!!!!
 my husband is so artsy!
 brady loved the classic hallway with throwback games!
i'm a gamer,


  1. Okay so this sounds amazing! But all I could think of was Nsync...

    When I was a young girl and IN LOVE with Nsync Disney Channel had these concert specials and Nsync did one. Anyway they also showed the guys hanging out around Disney and Justin made his own roller coaster and it must have been there!!!

    I always wanted to do that...