beaux arts

While visiting in Quincy we got to attend the Beaux Arts Ball!  It's so fun to watch Haley and Emily be apart of things that I loved so much!  I'm so thankful we were able to be there to cheer them on!

They looked stunning and the evening was so much fun! :)

Everyone looked so lovely and it was such a perfect evening for such a fun tradition!!  Haley sold over ninety tickets for the fundraiser!!!  I was so proud of her!!  Great job hales!!!!!

proud cousin,


  1. Get all caught up on your blogging because you are about to have a week's worth of fun things to say!!!! I'm packed. Crazy! I never pack until the last second, but I am just too excited and have to do something! :)

  2. hiya! hey, stop by the team us blog today (3/1) - i have a little goodie for you:) xoxox