Today is the beginning of a new position for me at Disney World!

I'm so excited for training today and I can't wait!!!!

Not to mention I woke up to the GREATEST surprise on the planet--- my dear friend, Emily, wrote me the greatest letter on the planet, gave me an enchanted rose and a journal to write all of my deepest darkest secrets in!!

Then I opened the fridge and found this---

Under the foil I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I saw this---

I must say…. IT'S DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!

To the greatest friend a girl could ask for, all I can say is,  "WELL THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH"  I so badly wish you were here today!  I feel so loved and so ready for today!  You're the best!  I couldn't ask for more!

Love you!

off to far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells and a prince in disguise,

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