HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  I know… I know…. it's December 1st… but when have you ever known the adventures of Brady, Jen and the Moo to post on time???  It just wouldn't be right.  So happy December 1st… holy cow can't believe it's already December… but back to thanksgiving now.

We spent the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving at Pops and GoGo's house!  We loved getting to see our family and it truly felt like the holidays with us all piled under one roof and wrapping paper everywhere!!

Uncle Brady is the coolest :)
 My dad came up to spend the day with us-- pretty much made my holiday absolutely perfect!  Could not have asked for more!!! :)
 We had a tea hot chocolate party.
 We celebrated DAX-- he's a whopping SIX YEARS OLD!!  
 If you aren't already following @dax_ism on twitter… do yourself a favor and DO IT!
 Oh yes folks… this is the Branson airport… it's Bass Pro themed!  There are animal tracks on the ground.

ACTUAL Thanksgiving day was spent with these three girls!  We had a blast!
a lot of thankful going on in 2010,

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