We have fleas.

It's gross.

Anabelle has been blessing us with cuteness for five years now and she has NEVER had fleas.  I don't know why.  I mean, clearly, if I was a disgusting little flea I would love nothing more than to hang out on cute little moo's furry tummy… but for some reason she has been exempt from them for five years.  Then we move to Mickeyville and she is covered.  grossy grosserson…

We took her to the vet today and I LOVED Dr. Pierce at Windermere Animal Clinic.  We have NEVER had a vet that sat and chatted with us as much as he did.  :)  I know Anabelle is in good paws with him!

So today is operation kill the fleas day…  I'm all itchy just thinking about it!  Any tips are welcome on how to get them out of our home sweet home!

scratch scratch,

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  1. We just went through this with our cat....So I feel your pain. Green or blue Dawn is good at getting rid of the flea's (and lice should you ever need to know) and you can use it more than the medicated soap. Get a small night light and a stand up light to set out through your house at night. Put a bowl of water underneath the light with a few drops of soap in it. Try to get the light as close to the ground as you can.The fleas jump on the light at night and then fall and drown in the waater. It takes several nights...but it is very natural and safe for pets and humans. Good luck!!!

    Teresa Poter-Manker