black friday

Thanksgiving night, Lindsey, Livvy and Olivia spent the night so we could head to Target at 3:00AM! :)

None of us were looking for anything specific, so it was pretty silly for us to go and browse around with the crazies… but it was Livvy's first black friday experience so we couldn't pass it up.  Everyone was in their most bargain-hunting state and the people-watching that went on… let's just say, did not disappoint!

We came back to our apartment.  Slept for 8 hours and woke up to start making a Thanksgiving feast!  We invited all of our work friends who don't have family here to celebrate Livvy's first Thanksgiving!!!!
 You better believe if you come to a Thanksgiving meal at my house you wear an indian headress.
 I think Livvy liked it… look at that clean plate!
 Little New Zealand making dessert from her native land.
 Everyone say, "WE LOVE NEW ZEALANDERS!"
 Pavlova… yummy yummy!
 good friends, good turkey, good foreigners,

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