On Monday nights here at the White Castle House we host the most rocking awesome life group you will ever know (we are still taking applications so if you think you fit our "rock-star" status, stop on by at 8PM on Mondays, we hang out, watch movies, talk about Jesus and laugh.)

Well this week we decided to watch Elf after meeting and saw all the incredible snow flakes Buddy was making when Kourtney came up with the brilliant idea that WE should make Buddy the Elf snowflakes… so we did…  this is us in the beginning phases…

I made one for the cutest dog that comes to lifegroup.  She thought it was so beautiful she wan't to do a mini-photo shoot with her own snowflake-- I didn't argue.
THE FINISHED PRODUCT!  (there is room for more… so if you have a little elf-blood in you… or perhaps just pointy ears and a love for Christmas, send us your best snowflake and we will hang in proudly in our living room!

 A snow flurry fit for a Princess!
 Dr. Seuss!
 Anabelle's :)
we are extremely crafty around here,

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  1. Oh my. Those seriously are the best looking paper snow flakes I have ever seen. I am for sure not cool enough to come over on Monday nights just based on my snowflake making ability!