christmas filming

My friend Amber invited us to go watch the Christmas filming on Saturday morning…  but I work all day Saturday so that wouldn't work and I was really sad.

Then Livvy called and invited me to watch the Christmas filming on Friday morning… and I had the day off… enter this fantastic story.

(please guard your eyes from this magic-ruining moment)  The Disney Christmas parade is NOT filmed on Christmas.  

I know.  It's awful.  They lie.

But the good news is-- I GOT TO WATCH SOME OF IT.  I saw Ryan Seacrest and was totally within arms distance of him and took one hundred videos to prove it.  

But the OTHER bad news is-- I couldn't find Livvy… I mean, she was NO WHERE to be found…  

But I did find this cute penguin (the one all the way on the left hand side)
… it was most definitely the CUTEST of all the penguins and is now Beyonce-status FAMOUS because this penguin was FILMED and will be on ABC Christmas morning…  perhaps we should notify New Zealand of this fantastic penguin maybe????  Do New Zealanders like penguins???  I should ask one.

waddle waddle,


  1. You'll have to post your Seacrest footage as proof! :) And I truly and honestly cannot believe that you spoiled something about Disney magic. . .I am seriously flabberghasted!

  2. The ONLY reason it is okay is because it's not really spoiling… they never say that it is "LIVE" they just call it the "Christmas Day Parade"… my people are pretty sneaky sneaky