So the other night I was cleaning (oh, by "cleaning" I mean "crawling in bed to take a nap") when someone walked through the door… (PS- walk ins have always been a HUGE prayer request of mine… and guess what… people WALK in our apartment now… they don't knock, they don't call, they don't wipe their feet and it's INCREDIBLE!  I mean, I can't walk around in my unmentionables anymore, well I can… I just need to make sure it's dead-bolted first… but other than that.. it TRULY is a dream come true… and a HUGE answer to prayer)… hehehe… can you say "TANGENT"…

anyway, someone comes through my door carrying a personalized size vanilla cake with chocolate pudding in the middle.

My friend Bridget surprised me with cake.  Then brought it to my house without calling.

Pretty sure this was top five greatest moments of my life.

and the cake was awesome.

i ate the rest of it for breakfast the next morning,

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  1. So glad (and by glad I mean insanely jealous) that you have a walk in house and friends that drop by to bring you cake. Love you!