hand towels

We have been needing hand towels for the guest bathroom--  but on an extremely tight budget, christmas and my car battery being crazy…  I can't even tell you  how far down on the list "hand towels" were… until I accompanied Livvy on her "operation find vintage clothing" outing.  I was browsing through some old house wear items when I came across these two old beat up towels for $0.25 a piece…

And 'tis the season to go all "Charlie Brown" on old, beat-up, ratty things… so I thought… let's cut these up… be a DIY human and sew up the edges (oh yes, don't forget that I have my own sewing machine…) and enjoy these vintage pattern terry clothes hanging on my hand towel ring (that Tim so nicely installed while he and my mom were visiting… two roof raises for my dad being the handiest guy in the world.)

VOILA!!!!!!!!!  Charlie Brown would be so proud!

happy drying,

PS- this is my 200th post.  You're welcome.

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  1. These look AMAZING!! I wonder if my sewing machine can handle towels. I got in trouble for using it to hem jeans. The guy at the repair shop described my machine as too "lightweight." I think he was trying to insult it. Rude!