let me two finger point over here for you

Last week at work my friend Lindsey and I got to be Character Attendants for the day!  It is HARD work and unfortunately, guests ask the silliest questions (by "silly", I really mean "dumb").  I'm so glad I got to do a day of work from their point of view-- I've always realized how hard their job is, but now I have a NEW found appreciation for it!

It was incredible to get the opportunity to see a Character setting from their point of view.  It was also really neat to hear how excited guests are to meet Disney Characters-- I'm so proud of the job that I get to do everyday and LOVE that people appreciate it.

Oh, and yes… that is an earpiece in my ear… you better believe I was "over and out", "10-4", "What's your 20?" and "do you copy"ing all over the place… yes, I'm a pretty big deal in my blue shirt and ear piece.

have a magical day,

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