weekend review

WE FOUND A CHURCH... and I'm completely in LOVE with it!  It's PACKED on Sundays-- but packed in a GREAT way!  Every seat is filled and you're surrounded by people who ADORE to worship, praise and LOVE on you!  It's the most welcoming environment I've ever been in!  We went to our first small group meeting last week and loved the people we met...  everyone was extremely honest and excited to get to know everyone.  It's so cool to think that all those "strangers" I met a few days ago will shortly be my friends, accountability partners and community! :)  We are so so thankful!  This morning's service was awesome. :)  Check it out... www.rockharbor.org  :)

I also got my bag in the mail! :)  Brady bought me this for our anniversary and I LOVE it! :)  It's the perfect  little clutch! :)  Have I plugged REMNANT on my blog enough?  If not: remnant.bigcartel.com

Also, this is EXTREMELY new, but I LOVE cleaning our apartment!  It's probably just because it's new, but I really enjoy cleaning it.  (Why I got this sudden zest for cleaning when my mother-in-law doesn't live 100 yards away from me, and my mom within driving distance, I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!***)  but I really do LOVE it!

So, we found a church, I love to clean, we eat organic stuff--- california is doing wonders for us :)

ready for monday,

P90X UPDATE: I'm on week three--  every part of my body is yelling at me right now... :(

***Honestly, GoGo loves me, despite my bad cleaning of the log cabin and my mom knows I'm a mess waiting to happen-- the comment was for dramatic effect!


  1. How I ended up on this blog can only be divine intervention. I saw a video with a quote by Jennafer White, googled Jennafer White, found a facebook, which I'm not so into, found a link to a blog, which I am totally into, and then read your newest blog and the whole first paragraph is about the awesomeness of the new church you have found...
    We're having some church issues all the way across the country...i'm looking for insight, I'm looking to get a fire going, I'm looking at people 50 and younger that could really use some small group stuff and I wondered if you could email me at twiddle at stny dot rr dot com I would like to pick your brain a bit and perhaps you could pass me around to other people, whose brains I could pick.
    Thanks so much and have a good Disney Day!!