guard your eyes mickey

Yesterday we went to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD!  I was extremely excited to be headed toward a theme-park (even though I KNEW it wouldn't be "magical"), I figured it would have some pretty good rides :)

We found out that Universal is less than an hour away from our home... and you shouldn't wear shorts when it's 65 degrees outside...  Here are a few pictures from our fun day :)

Driving to our day of fun :)

Can you name what movie this is from??

The park is split up in two sections... and upper and lower part--  the upper deck has AMAZING views looking out over Hollywood and the beautiful mountains!! :)

If P90X wasn't enough for one day, we thought it would be really cool if we would walk up this giant staircase... totally UNcool...

Look at this crazy guy we found!!!!  I do like how at Universal the characters just kind of wander and do life with people...  there are no lines or anything, they just hang out at the park with you... pretty fun!  It probably also helped that there were only 17 people at Universal yesterday! :)

We ended our evening with some CREEPY CREPES!!  We found out that "city walk" is universal's "downtown disney" and it is SUPER awesome and has tons of fun stuff to do!  We watched "The book of Eli" which I really liked, but that movie theatre is EXPENSIVE!  We will not be supporting Universal movies anymore...

So that was our day!!!  Universal in Hollywood doesn't have the Hulk or the Dr. Suess land that I was really excited about... but it does have a REALLY great "back lot tour" thing that showed you a lot of sets and I found out that they were filming Little Fockers (the third "meet the parents" movie) RIGHT THERE!  BARBRA STREISAND WAS WITHIN YARDS OF ME!!!  I should have jumped off the tram right then... what was I thinking?



  1. first of all that book store is from notting hill. and second, but most important, why did you not try to meet barbara???!!!! she is to you as celine is to me!!!

  2. haha so I'm guessing this was your first time at Universal huh?? yeah the tram ride is my ultimate favorite ride and they don't have it here in Orlando...I guess it makes sense though...since they don't really film movies here. Oh yeah, and by the way, I'm living vicariously through your blog updates...lol. Since I'm not there yet, it makes me look forward to coming home and experience all the little things I love about Cali. Oh, so I'm not sure if you like coffee, but have you heard of The Coffe Bean??? It's the Starbucks' competitor and they're really good! More natural and organic...not sure if you're into that but it's worth trying!