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Brady's best friend from High School was in town, sooo he went to spend time with him and I went to play at the parks!!!  I only had a half hour at California Adventure and then two hours at Magic Kingdom, but it was AWESOME!  It's so fun to ride rides that are in WDW, but they are different here--  I rode the monorail for the first time- it's so fancy here!  Plus it went over it's a small world and it's OUTSIDE!  SO WEIRD!   I'll take a picture of it next time-- here's some pictures of what I was able to do last night! :)

I started the night out at California Adventure! :)  This park is so awesome!  It's themed so well (it's Disney... duh) and the music is so fun (beach boys, california-type songs, oldies).  I made it to California Screamin' and it was awesome!  My favorite roller coaster has always been (sorry Mickey) Wildfire at Silver Dollar City, but I think this ride topped it!  It was AMAZING!  Here's what it looks like:
and here is what I look like riding it:

I then headed to Magic Kingdom (or is it just called "Disneyland" here?? I don't know!) and went on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters-- I thought this was different than the buzz lightyear ride at WDW, but it was pretty much the same.  Except you can tell this one is newer-- it has better guns with lasers so you can tell where you're aiming (huge help to me) plus, I thought it was really funny that outside it says that it's "based off of Disney's Toy Story II" not just Toy Story...  anyway, my score was awesome... I totally beat everyone around me :)

I wasn't going to ride Space Mountain because I wanted to ride all the rides that were new to me, but the line was short so I tried it and I'm SO GLAD I did!  This Space Mountain is WAY less jerky and really really fast!!  PLUS YOU SIT TWO TO A SIDE!!!  WEIRD!

Then I headed to the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage--  it was really really cool.  NOT recommended for those who even remotely think they have claustrophobia!  Here's the little window that you sit in front of and watch nemo and his friends! :)

Mr. Toad's wild ride--  a lot like all the other Fantasyland rides, except this one you end up in Hell and it's even hot and there's little red demon-type things flying around... I thought there would be a happy ending but nope, that was the end of the ride... creepy

Pinocchio's Daring Journey!!  Really cute!  

By this time it was five minutes before park closing so I made it to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad--  This was another ride that surprised me!!  At WDW it was kinda shaky and I didn't always LOVE it, but this ride obviously just got a referb. because it was AWESOME!  A perfect ending to a magical day! :)

Here's the miniature castle! :)  Still packs a lot of magic though!!

And look who I got to meet!  My boss :) He could barely stop moving he was so excited that I was working for him again (as you can tell by the blurry picture)...  Mickey, Me and my Disney ID! :)

I'm getting trained today at my job!  Ready to make some magic!!

downtown disneyan,

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