happy valentines day to you and me

Well, Valentine's day came a little early this year... and in the form of TWO BICYCLES!!!!  A couple days ago I went to Santa Monica to hang out with Elaina and she helped me find great deals on two really cute bikes :)  I don't have a picture of Brady and I riding them yet, because yesterday we got them downstairs and it started to rain, and today it's supposed to rain all day-- so we're going on a bike date all Friday to map out the best bike route to DISNEY :)

Here I am picking out the cutest one :)  Mint green for me, dark blue for Brady!!  (Anabelle gets a basket on mine... :)  Pops called and told me I was "so Dorothy")

Fitting them into the car was a fiasco! Hysterical really! :)  but it worked and they made it to Anaheim!!

Then yesterday I went to orientation for my job as Sanuk! :)  They are "operating participants" at the Disneyland Resort so it's important that all employees know the history of Disney and give guests the Disney experience because for some people (like Brady and I these past few weeks) Downtown Disney is the closest they will ever get to the Disney parks!

Brady dropped me off in the pouring rain to orientation and (of course) I had to swing by the casting office to see what was going on!  I asked for Enrique because he gets things done!  :)  Unfortunately he didn't remember me :(  but he did call a manager and told me, "you should be receiving an e-mail by the end of this week or at the latest Monday morning"  YESSSSSSSS!  I skipped again to orientation... really skipped.

I left precious Enrique (my favorite cast member right now) and headed to orientation--  which I LOVED!  Everyone around me was complaining that the movies were too long and the people were talking too much, but I loved every second of it!  I'm so so so thankful to be working for a company that holds such high standards of it's employees!!  It was wonderful to be refreshed on all the Walt trivia that I'd forgotten... and learn a few new facts-- like, I didn't know that California Adventure only opened 9 years ago on February 8th! :)

While I'm sitting in orientation I feel my phone vibrate... I figure that it's Brady trying to figure out when to pick me up, so I'm extremely sneaky at peaking at it--  and it's not Brady.  IT'S AN EMAIL FROM DISNEY ASKING ME TO SCHEDULE AN INTERVIEW!!!!!  I could barely contain my excitement!!!  God is so good!!

At the end of orientation, they handed us our ID badges (which also serve as our passes to get into the park) and I just stared at it for a few minutes.  This is what I've been working so hard for and praying for!  God is so amazing to not just let me get a job at Starbucks or the Gap somewhere random-- but He allowed me to get a job at this magical place that brought us to Anaheim!  THANK YOU LORD!!  After I realized that everyone was complaining that their faces looked orange and had already tucked theirs away I quickly hid mine and tried to continue to hide my excitement.

I immediately texted Brady and told him to NOT hurry up to come get me-- BECAUSE I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND!  I walked SO FAST up to the gates and called my dad-- I mean, I can't go to Disneyland for the first time in 18 years without my #1 roller coaster partner!!  I have to admit, I cried while I walked through the turnstile...  (I think he and mom were crying too... sorry to rat you out guys)...  and it was PERFECT!  The castle was so magical!!  Everything seemed so familiar, but different.  Dad got to pick which ride we rode first and he chose Pirates.  I headed to the left of the castle and walked right on explaining every step of the way to my fellow Disney lovers... (I know, I know... I'm crazy)  At least by this time the tears had stopped, but the monster-size smile was still overtaking my face :)

The park closed while we were on the ride so that's all the magic I could experience last night, but you better believe I walked SO SLOW right down the middle of main street to leave the park!  It was so beautiful and NOT CROWDED at all!!  I got the chance to stop and look into some of the windows that Walt actually designed himself--  it was so interesting!  I'm probably the only human to look at the castle and these windows and kept repeating "thank you, God!  You are so good!  Thank you thank you thank you!"  but I caught myself saying it out loud a TON!

I'm SO grateful for these past few weeks that haven't been easy!  I'm not taking ANYTHING for granted!

We got home and I immediately scheduled my interview! :)  Monday at 1:00PM :)

ready to make magic,


  1. so very happy for you!!!!!!!!!!

    And by the way, cruiser bikes are such a part of the California lifestyle. You're fitting right in! I got one for Christmas and can't wait to bring it back to the west coast with me!

  2. AHHH Jen!! Ok you have have have to call me or text me or sometihing after your interview on monday!! I am freaking out as much as you are right now...i have been praying for you and I am so excited this opportunity has finally come up! You are amazing and i know you are going to blow their socks off in that interview! Ok as soon as you get the job i am coming out to Disney to see you! Hopefully it wont be long until i am joining you out there too!! Ahh this is amazing! I love you and miss you! You are in my prayers daily
    Callie Chancey

  3. So fun! I'm so glad that you and your dad got to ride the rides "together"!!! I know how excited you were! You got your pass! I'm just thrilled! I will pray for your interview on Monday! I cannot wait to hear! LOVE YOU!