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Last night we went to Disney for a few hours before it closed.  We thought we would miss the crowds but it was still busy at 11:00pm!! There is nothing better than a Disney park at night! :)

My new favorite ride is TOTALLY the Storybookland Canal Boat ride.  A tour guide takes you through all of your favorite Disney character's homes and castles!  Plus you start the ride out by heading down Monstro's (the giant whale in Pinocchio) mouth!  Such a cute ride:

We rode Winnie the Pooh:

Many Scary Adventures of Snow White-- this was a favorite of mine at WDW, so I was thankful that it was just as magical here:

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride... still really creepy:

Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters... Brady won:

Indiana Jones ride-- reminds me A LOT of Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom-- I'm predicting this will be one of my dad's favorites! :)

Mickey's fun wheel was pretty great-  pretty slow, but fun :)

We ended the night with a TREAT-- I've been craving breakfast food since we moved... so Brady took me to Denny's where a friend of ours (from Kamp) met us.  We stayed there way too late and ate way too much food.  My stomach is still hurting-- I don't know if it's from laughing so hard or all of the pancakes I consumed! :)  

I'm still spending my days selling shoes at Sanuk or dishing out ice cream at Haagen Dazs-- right now we're trying to sell these and I have to model them.  And you think your job is hard...

park hopper,

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