Welcome to Disneyland, how can I help you?

Monday was my interview!  I arrived 45 minutes early (nervous much?) and sat in a hallway with twelve other Disney hopefuls...  We started at 1:00 watching a video on what it means to be a Disney Cast Member and the "look" that we need to respect and display.  At the end of the video we went in this room and took a computer "test" about our character.  (Are you late, sometimes, always, never....  Do you feel comfortable relaying a problem to a superior, sometimes, always, never... etc.)  Anyway, after that we went back into the hallway and waited. waited. waited.

They called us in one by one and only three of us were asked to stay for the second round of interviews. It was SO humbling to watch them turn away some FANTASTIC people.  This economy has literally humbled me to my knees as I've been searching for a job and watching some close family members persevere through the job market.  These nine people that they turned away were fun, cute and NORMAL!  If ya'll could think about praying that these nine people get placed in a fantastic job and soon, (I know they are all strangers to you, but God knows them!) I would LOVE that!

The second round of the interview was a one-on-one type deal where I was interviewed by Tammy.  She's super sweet and looks almost identical to Cameron Diaz (believe me when I say that it was SO hard for me to remain professional and try not to tell her...).  All she wanted to know about was my job at Walt Disney World and how I handled conflict there, stuff I didn't like about the job (uh, nothing! that's why I'm here lady!), and what I was willing to do for the Disneyland Resort.  

After about thirty minutes she offered me two jobs.  The ONLY two part time jobs that were available...  She was EXTREMELY nice about the fact that she knew I don't want to spend my entire Disney career behind a cash register... but that is where I will start out, and stay for the next four months!  I can still go to auditions during this time, and at the end of my "probation" period, I can transfer to an area of the park that is more up my ally!

I know that some of you reading this are thinking that I'm absolutely crazy for moving my family to California just to stand behind a cash register at some theme park...  but it's different.  At Disney it doesn't matter WHAT you are doing, you can make magic and you are respected and you are NEEDED!  I'm so thankful that the Lord has humbled me over these past five months while my resume has just been SITTING in the casting office!  I'm so thankful that it took me six trips to the casting office before they would even give me the time of day (HIP HIP HORRAY FOR ENRIQUE!) !!  Because of the past five months, I am SO COMPLETELY grateful for the opportunity to take people's money at some restaurant in fantasyland!  

I'm hopeful for what comes next, excited for what the Lord will show me during these humbling four months, and so so so grateful for all of my friends and family for loving me during this time.  My friend Ashley wrote me on facebook and said, "note to self: to get more comments on facebook, simply become a Disney Cast Member".  She's exactly right!  It's so fun to see friends from high school, campers I barely know and RANDOM people stand behind me on my silly Disney dream! :)  I am so so blessed!

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!   

have a magical day,


  1. Congrats!!!!! That is sooooo cool.

    We don't know each other. I worked at Kanakuk many, many years ago and found your blog...somehow, not even sure. But I have been following your Disney dream and just wanted to say, congrats...it is so awesome!

    Michelle Taylor

  2. when i spend money at DW, i'll wish i was handing it directly to you at DL. guess that means i'll have to just venture out to DL for my first time ever at that park!
    so happy for you and your opportunity to make magic every day at disney : )

  3. jennafer, i am REALLY happy for you!

  4. thanks for the shout out...the flopper comments were hysterical!

  5. It is a true blessing to read of your total joy and zest for what you all are doing in life!

    Felt compelled to say you all are awesome in being able to go out and follow God's plans and your dreams the way you are.

    Best to you both in your futures!

    Bruce, Va