qhs light show

We were so thankful to be in Quincy the same time Haley and Emily performed the Annual Christmas Light show…

All the lights go dark in the QHS stadium and the Q-City Pommers come out with twinkly colored flashlights and make shapes on the gym floor… it's so fun to watch!  We could totally tell Haley and Emily's twinkly lights from the rest… they were by far the best ones!

beautiful emily!

 haley was the featured senior that night!!!  GO HALES!!!
 their fan club was by far the biggest and happiest of the bunch!
 we made them a big sign so everyone knew what devoted cousins we were
 the two greatest people on the planet, and me!!  I love you brother and sister!!!
 Could not be more proud of them!!!!!
 we recorded it on our iPhone so Grandma could watch when we all got home-- she LOVED it!
uncle brady is the coolest!

being a big cousin is one of the greatest things ever,


i spy with my little eye

A WRENTband shirt outside the Millenia Mall yesterday…

I so badly wanted to stop her and be like-- "hey I'm the girl that made that shirt your wearing"

But, alas… I did not…  Could I be more lame???

I still felt pretty famous though-- I mean, that probably only happens to Justin Bieber and me… so yeah-- I've officially "made it" in my book.

my star is still rockin,






Today is the beginning of a new position for me at Disney World!

I'm so excited for training today and I can't wait!!!!

Not to mention I woke up to the GREATEST surprise on the planet--- my dear friend, Emily, wrote me the greatest letter on the planet, gave me an enchanted rose and a journal to write all of my deepest darkest secrets in!!

Then I opened the fridge and found this---

Under the foil I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I saw this---

I must say…. IT'S DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!

To the greatest friend a girl could ask for, all I can say is,  "WELL THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH"  I so badly wish you were here today!  I feel so loved and so ready for today!  You're the best!  I couldn't ask for more!

Love you!

off to far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells and a prince in disguise,


the quincy visit

So this is a few months old, but I just finished editing my pictures!!

Brady and I were so fortunate for being able to go to Quincy for my Grandfather's visitation and funeral.  I'm so thankful we were able to be there to honor such an incredible man and spend time with such fun family!

My Aunt Sara was quite the hostess… I don't think the refrigerator door ever closed!!  We had family members upon family members there constantly and a handful of cousins slept piled high on her basement floor!  I felt 8 years old again!  It was so fun! :)

Here's some pictures from a fun weekend!

Brady playing heart and soul with Andrew and Emily
 Aunt Sara and sleeping baby
 Emily Grace and Grandma Betty
 Aunt Sara is always a hit!
 Haley and Emily
 Hugs for Grandma
 Almost the whole family!

so thankful to be related to such fun friends,


disney quest

Part of the "holiday package" a disney cast member receives is a free admission pass to DISNEY QUEST!  Brady had never been so it was so fun to get to experience with him!  It's a big cube building filled with interactive games and fun adventures!  We had a blast!

this is a giant pinball machine that you are actually the pin ball!
 brady playing starwars!
 this was JENNAFER's score on a basketball game… the high score was 250, mine was 218-- that's pretty stinkin' close folks!
 Brady entering the cave of wonders
 aye aye!!!  Aboard a pirate ship getting attacked by crazy pirate boats and large dragons
 we built our own rollercoaster and road it… we felt sick after...
 we took an animation class!
 my donald was too big for the page!!!!
 my husband is so artsy!
 brady loved the classic hallway with throwback games!
i'm a gamer,


cici's pizza

Last week we traveled to cicci's pizza!

It was yummy, we laughed a lot, and I think between the five of us we ate about twelve pizzas…

The cashier told Rebecca she should try out for Disney to be Ariel-- she didn't tell Emily or I anything… maybe we should just keep our day jobs… haha

i could eat pizza all day everyday,


where's waldo

Everytime Anabelle knows that it's almost time for us to leave, she tries to find a hiding spot.

Usually they are pretty weak sauce-- like… on the couch, or under the kitchen table with her head sticking out…

but yesterday I was looking ALL over for her… I had circled the apartment about three times when finally I looked on the OTHER side of our bed, all the way stuffed in the corner and found this little nugget…

Anabelle: 0
The Mom: 1,


toontown goodbye

On February 11th, we said goodbye to toontown and had one last big party outside all of our favorite classic character's homes!

Before the big party we went into adventureland and got my favorite ice cream- PINEAPPLE DOLE WHIPS!  The most yummy soft serve on the planet!

This is in the greatest circus tent on the planet where you can choose to either meet your favorite disney princesses or disney fairies!

 Welcome to Mickey's Toontown Fair!!!!!
 my favorite disney firework above toontown for the last time...
 mickey and friends
 it's okay guys, I'm allowed to kiss my boss.
 Linds and I outside Mickey's house!
 the new fantasyland!  SO EXCITING!!!
 Phil Holmes came by to say thank you!
 Then they played M-I-C-K-E-Y as we waved goodbye to the gang as they left toontown by train for the very last time...
It was such a magical memory… so thankful I get to be a part of a place that's always moving towards something new!

toontown fair 1988-2011,


valentine's day

Valentine's day was great this year!  I woke up to my favorite chocolate candy yummies, a freezer full of my favorite girl scout cookies and the most perfect card on the planet:
my husband is the knees to all the bees in the land.

Headed off to work where I saw Princess Aurora receive so many wonderful Valentine's day hugs and lovies… 

then came home to a house full of people ready to celebrate the day of love.  Cute little Brady went out and got little presents so we could do a Valentine's day gift exchange and everyone went home with a smile, a belly full of pink sweets and some type of fun gift from the target dollar spot.
my husband has yet to put my face back on from rocking it so much.

2011 V-Day… you were a complete success…


PS- Even Anabelle got in the spirit of the annual lovers day… :)


so long, farewell

Today we say goodbye to Mickey's Toontown Fair!!!  All of toontown will close today and that part of fantasyland won't be opening again until early 2013…

All of the princesses had a hard time saying goodbye!  They've spent a lot of time in those circus tents getting to meet people from all over the world, laughing with little kiddos whose dreams came true with a single hug and making one magical memory after another…

It's always sad to see something come to an end… but how fun to be a part of new beginnings at such a magical place!

there's a great big beautiful tomorrow,