the rents are here.

My mom and dad rolled into town a few days ago and we are having the best family reunion!  I adore how much they love each other, their rivalry with me on who could love Disney more and my mom's laugh that makes her sound like she's been smoking since she was 4… 

Day one was spent at Animal Kingdom where I met THUMPER and MISS BUNNY!  Are you kidding me with the cuteness of these two little love bugs?  SERIOUSLY!

We rode Dinosaur… check out that back row of three musketeers!

is it wrong to have a crush on a dead guy?

Dad finally experienced Expedition Everest… you better believe I showed him where ever hidden mickey was, but didn't mention it went backwards!  (love that I always will have a roller-coaster partner in the coolest dad on the planet)

second. row.  and I TOTALLY just went with the flow!!!!

Getting to experience magic with your favorite people in the world really makes for a fantastic day!

i go in to the office on my days off,

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