disney day

On my day off last week a few girls and I ventured to Magic Kingdom for a day of fun.  The park was not crowded at ALL and in less than four hours we were able to do so much!!  :)

I finally saw the Castle Show which was so magical!  The characters move their mouths and blink their eyes!

Starting with my favorite!!  DOLE WHIPS!  I can't say enough about these tasty-tasty treats! :)
Then we happened to run into Jack Sparrow! :)
Went on a Jungle Cruise!
Pirates of the Caribbean
Big Thunder Mountain:
Went to Minnie's house and found these cute little letters from three of my very dear friends :)  Love those tiny fairies!
Rode Goofy's Rollercoaster which is pretty much 7 seconds long and makes you laugh hysterically.
Found new hidden mickey's at Philhar Magic:

and got to watch one of the last showings of Storytime with Belle… it was so precious!  So glad I got to see it before it goes away!

can't decide if I like my days off better than my work days,

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