A few days ago I hit the jackpot… (not literally-- that post will come when I return home from Vegas with my MIL and sister… only 53 more days!!  EEK!!!)  I mean, I SERIOUSLY found my most proud bargain!!

Take a gander at this beauty of a rug that now has found a home under Brady's cute little creative feet in his office!
Now take a look at the PRICETAG!!  FROM ANTHROPOLOGY!!!!!
That's right folks-- originally $648-- and I purchased it for $29.95…
Don't worry, if you want to see it in person to believe that it's true- it will be hanging on my fridge probably until Jesus comes to get us!

bargain hunter,

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  1. I love the rug and I love the price. Even if I hated the rug, I would have bought it just to save $600+ dollars! :) And Vegas is only 51 days away, not 53!