new zealand mini golf

My dear friend Livvy and new friend Ivy have been staying at our place the past week.  We've had so much fun watching them explore Orlando and hearing their stories at night!  What a blessing to have such two fun girls under our roof this week!

On their last night here we all went to play mini-golf!  This time we went to Winter-Summerland and it REALLY got me counting down the days until Santa comes!
Ladies and Gents… my good friend, Livvy YULE!

and now, our series of hole-in-ones… be impressed and intimidated:

P.S. look what that little computer thingee says:

taking in one magical day after the other,

PPS- Thought you would be a little upset if I didn't post about Livvy's latest American food findings… CRACKER BARREL is now top of her list of yummies!  

 Holy Whip Cream Batman!

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