Last Friday my very dear friend, Amber (who made magic with me in 2005 at THE GREAT MOVIE RIDE), and I went to Downtown Disney for a Girls Night Out!

We ate at T-Rex (which is quickly climbing the food chain as one of my favorite restaurants here)… and then got to play some uber-magical virtual games at DISNEY QUEST!  (Our husbands think we are super-amazing that on our girls night we went to an arcade!  Right Brady??)

I didn't even have to go to the bathroom… but then I saw this sign-- let's just say it had me at "she"...
Jungle Cruise arcade game:  No offense, but I honestly think this thing doesn't work…  but the idea is fantastic!!!!!  and we laughed a ton and almost fell overboard too many times to commit to in writing.
This game had you driving these little cars that picked up big rubber balls and then shot them at other cars…  I drooled from laughter.
You're welcome Amber.

There was brutal honesty, memories remembered and made, tummy-hurting laughter and drool.  Let's not forget the drool.

i want to be like amber when i grow up,

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