we toured the city

My friend, Brooke, was in town for the past few days and we had FUN!  We went to high school together, she works at K2 during the summer and we laugh A LOT when we hang out!!!! :)  Spending time with her was fantastic!  I loved our conversations, her assistance with my terrible driving and the adventures we had!!!!!

The best thing we did was board this crazy bus:

And entrust our lives to Donny, our driver, for two hours!!

Here's what we saw:

Hollywood High!  This is where GREASE was filmed! :)

Some restaurant that Frank Sinatra loved... I thought this mural was pretty neat!

This balcony was the one Richard Gere climbs up to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman!


Thanks to that tall building, I get to watch The Office every Thursday! :)

the Hollywood sign! :)

The Beverly Hills hotel...  Donny WAS NOT supposed to drive through here... two people stopped him. It was extremely embarrassing.

Charlie Chaplan's studios!  Now owned by Jim Hensen...

Tune in tomorrow for the celebrity homes tour!! :)  

i really like living here,

P.S. Brady's song about Ellen  hasn't been discovered.  I guess she stopped reading my blog :(

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