Guess why I am up so early??  It's my first day at DISNEY! :)  My traditions class starts at 7:30 this morning :)  I could barely fall asleep last night in the midst of my excitement!!!!  I can't wait to learn the history of the parks, more fantastic Walt trivia, get my name tag, and be so grateful for every moment that I have the opportunity to work at the happiest place on earth!  God is so good!! :)

Update on last Tuesday-- thank you for your many prayers and love sent my way... ends up NEXT Tuesday I get to share!  BUT your prayers weren't wasted... Brady shared last Tuesday and to say I fell in love with that man all over again is NOTHING!  He BLEW me away! :)  The Lord was glorified with every sentence he shared and he made us LAUGH! :)  It was amazing to step back and watch the man that I love so dearly feel safe to open up and share with this fantastic group of people!!  Have I mentioned how much we love our new friends!?!?!?  BECAUSE WE DO!!!!!!

I think another factor in the sleep situation last night was the fact that Jamie Jo and my five little munchkin friends are in LA right now!!!!  I had high hopes of being a magical tour guide today for them, but due to the scheduling of my traditions class (and some unmagical NOT rescheduling done by Disney) I'm going to have to settle for a quick lunch with my sweet family!  Sad I can't spend the day with them, but excited for the next time they come visit!! :)

Can't wait to report back!!

smile is mouse ear to mouse ear right now,

PS- to my precious birthday celebrators this month... look in your mailboxes!!!  Some magic is coming your way!!! :)  sorry I'm not there to celebrate in person!!  love you both!!!

PPS- due to the lack of professionalism in my life for the past two years as a musician-- Brady said it was probably a good idea for me to go get a new dress for my first day... my friend, Megan, and I headed to my new favorite place, Nordstroms Rack!   That's a whole different post in it's self!  I'm proud to report that I am about to slip into a Juicy Couture dress that was originally $220.00 that I found for $32.00!!  I know God says that if He clothes the lilies of the field, think of what He can bless us with-- but Juicy??  Come on Lord, You're just outdoing Yourself!!!!!  :)

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