magical friends

Last night our friends decided it would be fun to eat Chipotle and go bowling!  We didn't want to miss out on the fun (and Brady takes Chipotle-consuming INCREDIBLY seriously) so we went to hang out with some of our new friends here!  We had so much fun!

We decided to bowl at a bowling ally that is RIGHT next door to our apartments... and open 24 hours-- for any of ya'll wanting to bowl at 3AM and can't find a place...

The lanes were all full and the Karaoke line was way too long, so we all headed to our house for a fun night of mario kart, catch phrase and mafia...

Our little apartment was PACKED and we had so much fun!!

I LOVE that God has blessed us with such fun friends that we love so dearly already!!

Pops and GoGo arrive exactly 10 days from TODAY! :)  Thinking about seeing them makes me have tears in my eyes!!!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!  I have NO clue what we're going to do, but we are going to have fun!!  :)  Any fun SoCal ideas are greatly appreciated!!!

Brady and I are staying really busy-- it's great, but I'm TIRED!!  I'm working a lot between Disney and Haagen Dazs and really, truly loving it!!  I'm finally on my third month of P90X-- and I still hate it.

Anabelle was groomed yesterday... she looks so ugly.  We miss precious pets grooming in Branson!!!

Also, this morning we woke up to the most BEAUTIFUL weather!!!!  It's so sunny and perfect!  Loving california!

There's our update!  I'm heading to Disney right now to serve funnel cakes!! :)  YUMMMMM!!!

love today,

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  1. I'm so happy you have fun friends. I'm so happy you're in SoCal doing it on your own. I'm happy for you and proud of you and I miss you like crazy! LOVE YOU!!!