my first day

I JUST FINISHED MY FIRST DAY AS A DISNEY CAST MEMBER!  I truly loved EVERY second of it... I worked a 6.5 hour shift, took my lunch break during the firework presentation and got to make magic by filling people's empty tummies! :)

Here's a picture of where I worked tonight:

While leaving the park tonight I was humbled by how much God takes care of us and answers our prayers.  I've prayed for a long time that I would be able to make magic for Disney again.  I prayed specifically for a job once we moved here and He provided!  As silly as it sounds, I felt so close to Him tonight after walking out of the Disney gates!  He provided a great place for me to start my Disney career and I am SO thankful to Him!!!

We went to REI before my shift tonight to buy a pair of insoles for my shoes (Disney shoes are NOT magical in the comfort department)-- we went in for some insoles and left with a road bike!!  (MY HUSBAND IS SO AWESOME)... I know what you're thinking... "Jennafer, you already have the cutest bike on the planet."  True.  Very true.  I love my little mint green beach cruiser... but it was NOT cutting it in the "get to work fast" department...

So to recap:
Number of bikes owned January 1st: 0
Number of bikes owned March 22nd: 3

bike riding magic maker,

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  1. I'm so happy for you and I am so proud of you (I know, sounds corny) that you are realizing the blessings God has given you every step of the way! I love you! 21 more months until magic happens in Hawaii!!!