yogurt and church

Yesterday I started training for my royal position!!  I am BLOWN away by the amount of research I'm required to do for this job!  I'm so excited about knowing EVERYTHING about my position!!  The integrity, the people, the GUESTS… I just LOVE it all!!!!  I will continue my training on Friday and Saturday of this week and attend dance parties in-between!!!!  YAY! :)

Last night Brady and I picked up my new friend, Livvy-- the cutest New Zealander EVER!
Livvy is here at Disney World for 12 months on an international program and works in the Entertainment department with me! :)  I adore her and so thankful I've found such fun friends already!!!!!  

We checked out  a young adults church service last night and then headed to MOCHI to introduce Livvy to the wonders of American yogurt with a zillion toppings!!!  Luckily, she liked the yogurt so hopefully I'll have someone to con into getting it with me at least three times a week :)
i know there will be pinkberry in heaven,

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