dancin' the night away

If you are ever visiting the Disney World resort and LOVE characters then be SURE to look up when the character DANCE PARTIES are! :)  Last night there was one in Tomorrowland and they are so awesome!  All the kiddos get to dance and play with their favorite characters!  Not to mention, Dale got REALLY excited about doing the hoe-down throw-down with a couple of Hannah Montana wanna-bes!!!!!  :)  The DJ was SO FUN and all the characters had an absolute BLAST!

Here are some pictures from the evening!  
Last night as Dale was boogey-ing with the cutest little boy… the boy leaned in and hugged Dale SO TIGHT, then looked up and said… "I'm your very biggest fan!" heart=melted.

Also, while Dale was busting a move he noticed a little girl crying and her dad trying to console her.  Dale snuck up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder-- her tears IMMEDIATELY melted away and the most GIANT smile appeared on her face… it ended up she was crying because she hadn't had a turn dancing with her favorite Chipmunk!!!!  Needless to say, Dale danced with her for the rest of the night!!!!!! hehe

i get paid to make magic,

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  1. YOU are TOO FLIPPIN' CUTE! You have the biggest heart ever. Don't ever stop caring so much!!! -Liz :)