A few days ago I had the honor of being in the princess tent at Magic Kingdom's TOONTOWN FAIR.  You stand in line and get to meet THREE of your favorite princesses!!  SO FUN! :)  You get autographs, your picture taken and GREAT one-on-one time with your favorite member of the royal family!!

We were just about to close-up shop in the tent when the doors opened for one last family.  About ten people came through the door and were greeted by Cinderella, Jasmine and Aurora…  but all we heard from their mouths was, "she isn't here".  Tears began to fill up the family member's eyes.  You see, today was a special girl's 20th birthday and apparently, she had her heart on meeting Belle today.  As tears seriously flowed down her cheeks she greeted each princess, had her picture taken and walked out of the room feeling defeated and sad because her dreams of meeting the yellow-ball-gown-wearing beauty was no-where to be found.

BUT ALAS!  Our story would NEVER end there… COME ON PEOPLE!  Who's blog are you reading!??  Cinderella does NOT allow tears in her kingdom… we are here to make dreams come true!  So after a little bit of pixie dust and some SERIOUS fairy-god-mother-wand-waving magic, we had the family come back in the room to the same three princesses she had already met.

Cinderella greeted the family with a wave and wanted to apologize for her absent friend.  Just as the tears were beginning to dry up-- Jasmine and Aurora pulled back the curtain to reveal the most beautiful Belle!  :)  The birthday girl ran up to the princess and hugged her so tight saying, "You are my favorite princess and my wish was not to come to Disney World, but to meet you."

Little did we know that our sweet birthday princess had made her last wish to come visit our beautiful princess Belle…

We don't know all the details of this families story, what illness our precious friend was battling, or how far they traveled.  But we do know that we made magic, tears disappear and a 20-year-old girl believe that pixie dust really truly exists!

don't stop believin,

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  1. Oh my goodness; this post choked me up and as I type there are a few tears running down my cheek. Thank you for the continuous reminders of our magical company!