help preserve the magic

Precious family and friends-- as you all know, I adore blogging and keeping family and friends from near and far up-to-date with all adventures going on at the White house…

As you also know-- God has blessed us BEYOND MEASURE with this move to Orlando and this incredible job opportunity that is a complete dream come true for me!

So this post is just to remind you that Disney magic is exactly that… MAGIC!  I take it EXTREMELY seriously to preserve that magic and privileged Disney information.  So it's no surprise that it's very important to me that y'all do as well!  Please be aware of what you are posting on my facebook wall or commenting on my blog posts.  Please only refer to these magical characters by their name!! :)

If anything you write gets deleted or I don't respond to some of the questions you ask-- please know that it is not because I don't enjoy hearing from you-- it's because my job is on the line and I am entrusted to preserve something very dear to me!

I ADORE hearing from y'all and I LOVE that facebook and this silly blog keeps me in touch with all of you!

So… Help me and help Mickey keep the Magic alive!!!!  :)

Thanks for understanding!  I sure do love you all so much!

i still believe,


  1. How could we NOT believe?!? I do!! : )
    Hope to see you in September!