So… today Brady's BFFAE came into town for a five day trip filled with magic!  This is Matt's first time to Disney World and I'm pretty sure he and I are competing for who could possibly be more excited for what the next few days have in store for us.  So tonight, we're sitting around chatting and the kitchen stove clock beeps TEN O'CLOCK PM-- do you know what that means?

WELL-- at exactly 10PM every night you can walk FOUR steps out of our front door and witness the world famous Magic Kingdom fireworks… for free…  BOO YAH!  Told you we lived in the coolest place on the planet.  I think we both jumped up and down a little bit in excitement…  To save Matt the embarrassment, I will add that Matt's jumping was very manly… in a magical sort of way!
So tomorrow Brady and I will make dreams come true and take our dear friend to experience the happiest place on earth!  So fun that we get to make magic together!!  :)

man i'm lucky,

PS… to my dear husband who hates that I adore his birthday so much, happy birthday!!!  You make me smile everyday- you make me laugh when I think I can't possibly laugh anymore and you continually make me realize how much I lucked out when I tricked you into saying "I DO".  You humble me everyday by the unselfish way you love me and you have made every dream of mine come true.  I don't know what I ever did to deserve you and I hope you will forever know how thankful I am!  Two fist pumps and a raise the roof dance in your honor, baby!

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