holy hurley

Well... we've experienced our first California Warehouse Sale....  and I am HOOOOOKED!  Hurley has been having a sale for the past week and EVERYTHING is over 50% off!!  We went yesterday and we're getting ready to take the boys today... I can't wait!

Look at how huge this place is!!!!

Yesterday I saw the Aladdin show for the first time!  I LOVE IT!  So sad that it's only going to be here until August... but can't wait to see what they do with Toy Story!  So fun!

After work last night I rode Astro Orbitors and Space Mountain... AND I got to take my final 15 minute break under the fireworks... what a fantastic day!!

new hurley fan,

I'll leave you with this silly little moo...  She slept like this for a good 30 minutes while we watched a movie...  silly puppies always make my day!

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  1. I love reading about your Disney adventures! Hope you and Brady are loving being Californians (sp?)!