goin' to the chapel and NATE'S gonna get ma-ha-air-ried...

IT'S TRUE!  MY BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED!  I'm super stoked that today this picture was texted to me by my soon-to-be sister-in-law (could there be any more dashes??)

I'm pretty sure that ya'll know that I think my brother is the coolest of the cool... so he's darn lucky he found a girl that I also think is super enough to get to hang out with him for the rest of their lives!  I couldn't be more excited for them!!  Chaela's already been a part of our family, but it's so much fun to make it official!!  


I just got back from work where I was told by my manager to apply to be a trainer!  This is super exciting because on my "timeline of soon-to-be the mayor of all things Disney" this wasn't going to happen until the fall!!!  I may not be able to do it since I'm still on "probation" but I'm super stoked to be considered this early on.

I got to close the restaurant tonight... so I was able to have a great conversation with a woman I really admire at work.  She started talking about how Disney wasn't honoring her availability, how she just feels like a number here, and that no one really cares if she comes to work or not.  I was silent for a number of reasons while I listened to her talk...  1) I was so SAD that THIS is the impression she got of this company that I admire so much.  2) What am I going to do to make sure she feels appreciated when she comes to work? 3) How am I going to make sure, in an area where there are 200+ cast members working every week, that they feel like individuals?  

I feel challenged and excited about my "Disney Career Climb" and so thankful the Lord placed me where He did!  I'm getting to see some things that I would have NEVER imagined and I'm excited to someday have the opportunity to change that and make people feel special when they clock in! 

i'm getting a new sister in law,

This morning I woke up to some news I knew was coming but didn't want to hear.  The amazing young woman, whose family I asked for help to get them to Disney,  went to be with Jesus yesterday.  I never even met Amanda...  I only started to follow her story a few mere months ago.  But there was something about today that felt off.  I missed her and I never even knew her.  She will never have the opportunity of knowing how much she impressed me and how encouraged I feel by her story!  She was so filled with the Joy of the Lord and loved Him so so so deeply!  I'm so excited that she is sleeping peacefully in His arms right now-- no more pain, no more sickness and no more tears!!!  Praise Him for ETERNITY!!!!!!!!  Please pray for her sweet family that is left behind.  (and thanks to all of my magical friends who helped make one of her last wishes come true!!)

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  1. I'm proud of you for standing out so much in your job that you have already asked to train for a new position. I'm proud of your spunk and your attitude. I'm proud of you for caring so much about people. . .the ones you work with, the ones you don't even know and the ones you aspire to have work for you some day. I love you. Congrats on the new sissy-in-law-to-be, too!