winner winner chicken dinner

Last week I was working at Magic Kingdom when I was asked to go clean the "teacups" room.  So I grabbed a friend, bleach and towels and headed to go make this break room sparkle! :)  But upon walking in I found tons of managers and some sort of "celebration"… we had accidentally walked in on the Quarterly Award party!  I immediately started walking back to the door, told a nearby manager that I would come back to clean and apologized for walking in when they said it was fine if we stayed.  So we cowered in the corner (to not get in the way) as we listened to them explain what the Quarterly Award means and about the person who was receiving it.

When SURPRISE-- it was for me!

I was in complete shock and totally humbled!!  I may be too famous to blog anymore… I'm sure I'll have my assistants to it for me from now on! :)  hehe

mickey likes me,

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  1. Jen, I am SO HAPPY for you! What a dream you are living and I love it that you are being recognized for how much you love what you do and how good you are at it! I am so proud of you (I feel like a mom). You're amazing and I love you more than you know! CONGRATS!!!