old shirts

When Brady and I decided to stop pursing music… it happened pretty suddenly.  And it left us with a TON of left over shirts.  We hung on to them… dragged them to California… hauled them to Florida… found a place to store them.  I just couldn't get rid of them.  I had watched the Lord do INCREDIBLE things through these mounds of multi-colored cotton clothing and they were more than just "MERCH" to me.

However the Lord really was working on my heart the other day… the way that He uses these shirts is by people WEARING them… so how on earth can we spread the message of the crazy amount of poverty our world is up against without people telling other people…

enter our life group…


The remainder of the shirts will be taken to the AXIS market place next tuesday night and given away-- so come on by!  Support local artists and pick up your free shirt!

being friends with us means you get our old merch,

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