HANSON CAME TO EPCOT!!!  Hanson was the coolest band when I was in sixth grade!  I remember getting in trouble for hanging a Hanson poster on the wall above my bed…  haha--  Livvy, Thomas and I went and spent the evening walking around the countries and dancing to Hanson songs-- so fun :)

livvy loves mexico :)

 This is where Livvy and I first performed together! :)

 We ate this HUGE pizza at a new restaurant in italy!
 we walked a ton and decided wearing cowboy boots to epcot is a dumb idea… even if you are trying to impress a 90's boy band...
 we tried on costumes :)
special props goes to my dear friend Tara, who found her old hanson shirt and wore it! :)  I adore her a million!  So thankful I get to work with such amazing and fun girls! :)

it's a secret no one knows,

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  1. Wait, is that really Hanson in those pictures???? AHHH!!! Your life is so crazy glamorous!!!!

    Taylor was my favorite even though all my friends loved Zack. I wasn't swayed. Who's the cutest nowadays?