i love it

I'm so sorry my bloggy-friends.  I have been WITHOUT INTERNET!!!!!!  UGH!  The nerve of some corners of the earth not catering to my every blog-whim is just devastating!

So, that's my first excuse.  My second is… I've been learning a lot of top secret magical stuff these past two weeks!  I've loved EVERY moment!  Getting to work in the entertainment department is the dreamiest dream come true for me!!  I passed all of my FUR training!  HIP HIP HORRAY!  and Yesterday survived my first shift by myself without my training wheels on! :)  I really have the best job on the planet.

Tonight I head to the Hollywood Studios to a DANCE PARTY!  Guests get to DANCE with their favorite characters in front of the hat! :)  It's incredibly hot but it's so fun getting to dance with all the cute little kiddos!  PLUS an added bonus is I have the privilege of getting ready above the GREATEST movie ride on the planet!!!

Thanks for following us along this journey and praying for us along the way!  We feel so loved and blessed!

We move into our new apartment on August 5th!  Start planning your vacations now! :)

chipmunks rule,

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