We made it!  We've been without internet for A WHILE!  But here's an update on what adventures we've been up to :)

All of our stuff is packed up in a FREE storage unit in Anaheim…

The drive was long… really really long.

Anabelle did a lot of sleeping:
My passengers were so incredibly cute:

We hit a HAIL STORM in New Mexico… WHAT?  That IS snow on the ground!!!

We left Camdenton and headed to K2-- where Anabelle met a new friend:
And I got to experience the best slip in slide on the planet!!!! :)

Right now we're sitting in Panera… using free internet! :)  hooray!  and looking up all of the apartments we've viewed so far…  Excited to pick a new home so ya'll can come visit soon! :)

is apartmentless the same thing as homeless?


  1. 1. I like how you got pics of Brady sleeping...especially since he posted about how little driving you were doing.
    2. I miss you.
    3. You are not homeless because home is where the heart is, so I know you have at least 2 homes (with Brady and with me)...which makes you like a billionaire because you have many homes.
    4. I miss you.

  2. have u looked into Mirabella? Those apartments are really nice and they give you a cast member discount...welcome back by the way